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IPAD Reminders

Enterprise Middle School | 2600 W. Compton Blvd. • Compton, CA • 90220 

Enterprise Middle School administration asks that you remind your son or daughter
about the following:

1. Take good care of their school iPad.
a. No stickers or writing on devices.
b. No installing or hacking the device with unauthorized content.
c. No storing of personal information on device such as address, phone
number, photos or any other personal identifying information.
2. iPads are managed and synced with Compton Unified School District on a regular
basis and are subject to frequent audits.
3. Devices are to be charged each night at home and have a full charge each
4. During the school day, iPads are to be used for educational purposes only. At all
times, your child should refrain from illegal activity that would cause harm to
them self, others, and Compton Unified School District.
5. In the event of damage, malfunction, or loss of a device, your child should report
the incident to their teacher, principal or Ms. Owens.

If your child needs help with their iPad, they
can contact the Ms. Owens at Students can also
scan the code below to create a request for
service should anything go wrong with their